The benefits of coworking

From focus, to networking, to letting someone else look after maintenance, printing and broadband

If you are looking for space to work or grow your small business in Manchester then coworking at Trinity Offices could be your answer.

Coworking provides a number of benefits if you are running a small business or just want to escape working from home.

We’ve found a wide range of reasons why people make use of shared office space. Whether it is productivity issues in the local coffee shop, the need for a professional office address for your new website contact page or another similar reason then we are here to help.

In addition, the recent coronavirus outbreak has impacted many domains of life such as travel, social interaction, health, business and employment. As a result, some businesses are making changes to traditional work practices that require more employees to work remotely.

In addition, local coworking can provide a solution for remote workers who have found issues working from home. You can find the benefits of a professional office environment without the regular commute to head office.

Local coworking space

Whether you are looking for a bricks-and-mortar location for running your online business or find yourself in need of a ‘third place’, that is not your home or the company head office, then coworking could be for you.

Here are 7 key areas where you could find benefit with local coworking and shared office space:

Better work-life balance

  • There is a mental separation between work and home (no more TV distractions or blurring of boundaries)
  • You can work around hours that suit your family and lifestyle with 24-hour coworking space access
  • Reduced commuting

Maintenance & deliveries

  • The convenience of internet, Wi-Fi, printing, telephone, electricity, heating, plumbing, toilets, cleaning and building security handled by an onsite management team (no dealing with those continuous DIY fixes or service issues that usually have to be handled at home)
  • Post, parcels and business deliveries handled by one reception point (saving the hassle of those missed delivery times)

Flexible business costs and savings

  • Your space can grow to meet your expansion or temporary seasonal needs
  • No heating the whole house while you work at home alone
  • On-site kitchen and dining facilities keep your away-from-home catering costs low


  • A place for client and supplier meetings (sometimes the coffee shop is impractical or lacks privacy)
  • A hub for regional meetings away from central office (or a place for teams to come together locally)
  • A professional business address provides peace of mind for your customers and locates the business away from your home address

Local impact

  • Local co-working locations support local community shops
  • Meeting other local business people can encourage collaboration and joint business growth


  • A professional environment with similar hard-working professionals encourages focus and commitment to work
  • A structured work environment provides a reason to get out of the house and ‘dressed for work’
  • A positive culture of freelancers, entrepreneurs and self-starters provides a motivational environment
  • A regular routine of seeing a regular group of people can keep you committed and accountable
  • An organised environment provides room to think and is away from the clutter and chores of homelife
  • An escape from the isolation of working from home


  • The ability to collaborate with other small businesses that are traditionally attracted to coworking space such as marketing professionals, accounting, freelancers, start-ups, creatives, event organisers, business support services, IT and financial services
  • Peer support, diverse perspectives and brainstorming for common small business problems
  • Connection and collaboration opportunities for business development and sales opportunities
  • Enhanced network of contacts from other coworking occupants
  • New friendships or new clients

Ultimately, we survive in business with a diverse network of suppliers, service providers and lead generation activities. Sometimes it’s not what you know it is who you know (or who you know, knows) and coworking can be one way to meet more contacts.


Coworking space in Manchester

If you like the idea of coworking and would like to discover the best working space for you then take a tour of Trinity Offices to see if it suits your needs.

We are based in Sale, South Manchester, and can offer desk space in a shared office environment with services, such as:

  • Dedicated desks, chairs and pedestal storage
  • On-site facilities management (Monday – Friday, 9 – 5)
  • Wi-Fi and cabled high-speed internet
  • 24-hour coworking space access
  • Private meeting rooms for meeting clients and suppliers
  • Kitchen and dining room
  • Shower and changing room
  • Regular cleaning cycle
  • Private key fob access
  • Alarmed building
  • A prestigious business address for your communications
  • Mail handling and storage
  • Plenty of power points
  • Your own business telephone number and intercom entry for visitors (extra cost)
  • On-site parking (subject to availability)

We are easily accessible by local transport links (Sale Metrolink) and are few minutes from the M60 (junction 6) by car.


Rent a coworking space: your next steps

At Trinity Offices we don’t tie you into long term commitments and we offer you the flexibility to expand at a rate that suits you. You only pay for the space you need but with the flexibility to scale at a speed that suits you. Over time, if it suits your needs, you may want to move from individual desk space to rent one of our self-contained office spaces.

In addition to a great price for desk space we’ll give a boost to your business with an initial ‘one month free’ in your first year.

So, whether you want an individual desk or the ability to scale your business with additional desk space as you grow then we are here to help with cost-efficient solutions to your needs.

To take a tour or find out more call 0161 711 0799 today to discover more about the benefits of serviced office space in this beautifully converted chapel.

Flexible terms bring you the peace of mind that you can adjust your needs simply and without long term commitment.


Your coworking moving in checklist

Having made the decision to take desk space at Trinity Offices we’ll make moving in quick and easy.

Here’s a quick checklist of things for your first day:

Call into reception to collect your keys, electronic access fob and WiFi password

Pop into the shared kitchen to make yourself a drink

Unpack and power-up your computer and phone

Contact your network, suppliers, partners and customers to let them know your new business address

Pop onto social media and let the world know of your new move

Change online contact details and addresses

Order new stationary

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about Trinity Offices please call 0161 711 0799 

Published: July 2023